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Product Information

Gas-Block™ Cables

One group of Dekoron Wire & Cable's specialty cables are gas-blocking sensor cables, commonly referred to as "gas-blocking" or "ATEX" cables. They are typically used for monitoring operating parameters in gas turbines. The environment found on a "skid," the area where the turbine operates, is very harsh and subject to intense vibration, elevated temperature, and the constant presence of volatile fluids.

Dekoron has developed it's line of Gas-Block™ cables specifically for these applications.

ATEX is an acronym for "Atmosphères Explosives," French for "Explosive Atmospheres." The European Union is driving the advancement of these cables through directives and mandates which govern all mechanical and electrical equipment and protective systems intended for use and continued safe operation in extremely hazardous and explosive environments.

Per IEC 60079-14, the EU is mandating the use of these ATEX-compliant cables in most power generation applications in Europe. Conventional sensor cables have voids or gaps between the conductors, which can provide a path for combustible gasses to enter the control room in the event of an explosion. The IEC standard requires that these cables and any associated cable glands or other connections be sealed to prevent the travel of gas at elevated pressures.

In compliance with IEC 60079-14 and the EU directives, Dekoron has developed it's line of Gas-Block™ cables in which the crevices are filled with inert material, preventing the travel of flammable gases. Third party testing has confirmed that no gasses pass through Dekoron's Gas-Block™ cables, even at a pressure of 435psi (30bar).

Construction Options


  • Bare, Tin-Coated, or Nickel-Plated, annealed copper, in solid, 7-strand, or 19-strand configurations from 18 AWG to 12 AWG and equivalent metric sizes.


  • PVC or XLPE. FEP also available for high-temperature applications.


  • Aluminum or copper tapes with a polyester backing for individual and overall shields, used with drain wires. Drain wires are placed in direct contact with the shield to facilitate grounding and easy termination


  • Gardex® Corrugated, Continuously-Welded Aluminum.
  • Stainless Steel Braid

Jacket (Sheath)

  • PVC, CPE, or special High-Temp compounds.

Cable Markings

  • All cables are printed with required voltage and temperature rating, as well as applicable regulatory approvals.
  • All cables have traceability and sequential length markings.

Packaging & Documentation

  • Depending on the size of the cable, the products are delivered on wooden reels up to 96” in diameter.

    • There is an option to lag wood reels using wooden planks that are secured to the outer edges of the reel to prevent damage to the cable while in transit. The wooden reels are heat-treated to comply with international phytosanitary requirements. Overseas shipments are crated. We also offer light-weight fiber board reels for air freight shipments.
  • The ends of the cables, known as the “pig tails,” are exposed on the reels for any testing at the receiving location, but sealed for shipment.
  • If requested Dekoron can provide Certificates of Conformance at the time of shipment.

Approvals & Ratings

Dekoron can offer a variety of ratings and standards for instrumentation products. Please discuss the specific rating and approvals with your customer service representative prior to placing your order. Depending on the cable design and selection of armor types, the following approvals are available:

Design Standards

  • UL 13 (PLTC & PLTC-ER), UL 1277 (TC), UL 1569 (MC), UL 2225 (ITC-HL & MC-HL), UL 2250 (ITC & ITC-ER), ICEA S-73-532, BS 5308, EN 50288-7, AS/NZS 5000

Flame Retardancy Standards

  • IEEE 1202, UL 1685, VW-1, FT4, IEC 60332

Temperature Rating

  • -50ºC to 105°C, typical. Up to 200°C with fluoropolymers.

Hazardous Zone Classifications

  • Class I, Division 1 & 2, and Class I, Zone 1, 2, & 3 Ratings are Available.

Other Options & Standards

  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen, per IEC 61034 and IEC 60754
  • Conductors per ASTM B3, B33, B8, and IEC 60228, AS/NZS 1125
  • REACH & RoHS Compliant.
  • ER (Exposed Run) rating is available for many constructions. ER rated cables are designed and tested for impact and crush resistance per UL criteria. With the ER rating, cables are allowed to run outside of trays or conduit for an unlimited distance, provided the cable is supported every 6 feet or less.

Due to the highly complex nature of these cables, please contact us for further assistance.