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A Marmon Wire and Cable / Berkshire Hathaway Company

Company Profile

Company Profile

With more than 70 years in service, Dekoron Wire & Cable, LLC is one of the most reputable industrial cable manufacturers in the world. Manufactured in the United States of America with rigorous attention to detail and quality standards, our products are specified by many industry leaders for some of the most challenging projects. With our stellar reputation and world-wide distribution partners, Dekoron supplies our high-quality cables to dozens of countries around the globe.

Being part of The Marmon Group and Berkshire Hathaway gives Dekoron the financial backing, technical support, and resource sharing of more than a dozen other wire and cable companies. These sister companies all bring vast amounts of knowledge and experience to bear against any project or application, giving Dekoron and its partners a huge advantage when dealing with even the most complex requirements.

Dekoron's core strengths include the ability to design cables to meet the stringent requirements of our customers, fast delivery to meet on-site needs, and the capability to meet US, Canadian, European, and other international standards, including those requiring metric sizes for conductors and armor. We enjoy working with our customers to ensure that all of your needs are met and we look forward to giving you the best possible products in the shortest amount of time.

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