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Composite Cables

Composite Cables

Dekoron composite cables allow countless customizations to suit your intended purposes.  For instance, Dekoron has developed composite cables that combine conventional instrumentation and power cables with data cables and fiber-optic conductors.  These developments allow for the more complete integration of digital signals into any given process.

With the appropriate armor, these cables are suitable for use in Class I, Divisions 1 & 2 and/or Class I, Zone 0, 1, & 2 applications.

Available Options Include

  • Combine instrumentation pairs, Ethernet, Fieldbus, RS-485, or optical cables with conductors for power or control functions in one bundle.

  • Apply the Armor of your choice:

    • Served Wire Armor (SWA), Galvanized Steel or Aluminum.

    • Interlock Armor, Galvanized Steel or Aluminum.

    • Gardex® Corrugated, Continuously-Welded Aluminum.

    • Dekabon® Chemical & Moisture Barrier

  • Optional Final Jacket (Sheath) – PVC, HDPE, CPE, TPN(LSZH)

Dekoron can handle composite cables up to 3” in overall diameter.

Gardex® is a registered trademark of Marmon Specialty Cable
Dekabon® is a registered trademark of Dekoron Wire & Cable

Due to the highly complex nature of these cables, please contact us for further assistance.