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Cables for Hazardous Locations

Cables for Hazardous Locations

HL CableFor the most extreme environments, not just any cable will do. In many applications, cables must be able to withstand numerous hazards, such as explosive gases, dust, and mechanical hazards. These environments are tough, and these cables must be as well.

There are several classifications used to denote various hazardous areas depending on factors such as the hazard present, the likelyhood of exposure, and other such variables. These classifications are governed by the National Electric Code (NEC) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

In the wire and cable industry, the most commonly seen classification is the NEC's Class I, Division 1 (IEC Class I, Division 1 or 0). Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certifies and marks cables as being suitable for use in these classified locations per the UL 2225 standard, which allows for both 300V (ITC-HL) and 600V (MC-HL) applications. Both types of cables must meet the same performance requirements, despite their different voltage ratings.

All ITC-HL (300V) and MC-HL (600V) cables must have a metallic armor that is hermetically sealed, providing isolation from the hazardous environment as well as mechanical protection. To comply with this requirement, Dekoron uses its renowned Gardex® armor.

Gardex® is a self-contained cable conduit system with an impervious continuously-corrugated armor. This armor provides a vapor-tight, metallic sheath to protect the cable. An overall polymeric jacket and an equipment grounding conductor(s) are also provided to meet the additional UL requirements.

Green Bacble

Construction Options


  • Bare or Tin-Coated annealed copper, in solid, 7-strand, or 19-strand configurations from 20 AWG to 10 AWG and equivalent metric sizes.


  • XLPE or PVC/Nylon.


  • Dekoron provides a variety of options for shielding to prevent EMI (electro-magnetic interference) within the twisted pairs and for the overall cable using our patented application process.

    • Aluminum or copper tapes with a polyester backing for individual and overall shields, used with drain wires. Drain wires are placed in direct contact with the shield to facilitate grounding and easy termination

    • Bare or Tin-Coated Copper Braid is also available.

Grounding Conductor

  • Segmented, Uninsulated, 7-Strand Bare Copper
  • Green, Insulated, 7-Strand Bare Copper
  • Drain Wire May be Used as Grounding Conductor on Shielded Items


  • Gardex® Corrugated, Continuously-Welded Aluminum
  • DekaFlex® Flexible, Corrugated, Continuously-Welded, Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel

Jacket (Sheath) Materials

  • FR-PVC
  • Arctic Grade (-40°C) FR-PVC
  • Arctic Grade (-40°C) TPN

Cable Markings

  • All cables are printed with required voltage and temperature rating, as well as applicable regulatory approvals.

  • All cables have traceability and sequential length markings.

Packaging & Documentation

  • Depending on the size of the cable, the products are delivered on wooden reels up to 96” in diameter.

    • There is an option to lag wood reels using wooden planks that are secured to the outer edges of the reel to prevent damage to the cable while in transit. The wooden reels are heat-treated to comply with international phytosanitary requirements. Overseas shipments are crated. We also offer light-weight fiber board reels for air freight shipments.
  • The ends of the cables, known as the “pig tails,” are exposed on the reels for any testing at the receiving location, but sealed for shipment.

  • If requested Dekoron can provide Certificates of Conformance at the time of shipment.

Approvals & Ratings

Dekoron can offer a variety of ratings and standards for instrumentation products. Please discuss the specific rating and approvals with your customer service representative prior to placing your order. Depending on the cable design and selection, the following approvals are available:

Design Standards

  • UL 2250 (ITC), UL 1569 (MC), UL 2225 (ITC-HL & MC-HL)

Flame Retardancy Standards

  • IEEE 1202, UL 1685, FT4, IEC 60332

Temperature Rating

  • -40ºC to 90°C.

Hazardous Zone Classifications

  • Class I, Division 1 & 2, and Class I, Zone 0, 1, & 2, Ratings are Available.
  • Class II, Division 1 & 2 Ratings also Available

Other Options & Standards

  • Conductors per ASTM B3, B33, & B8.
  • REACH & RoHS Compliant.

Gardex® is a registered trademark of Marmon Specialty Cable

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