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1S50 - 300 Volt, Silicone (Fire Resistant), Single Pair, Unshielded, Unarmored


  • Conductor7-strand tinned copper, Class B
  • Primary insulation0.030 inch (0.8 mm) 90C thermoset silicone alloy
  • Number of conductors per group2
  • Color codeBlack and white
  • JacketBlack TPN


  • Provides extended service while exposed to fire
  • Meets IEC 331 and BS 6387 C, S and Z fire tests
  • UL listed as PLTC/ITC
  • Suitable for Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2 hazardous areas
  • NEC Article 725/727
  • 300 volt rated insulation

Bending Radius

  • 6 x d (d = overall diameter)

Cable Type

  • Single pair unshielded

Other Options

  • Manufactured in accordance with UL. Also available to ICEA, IEC, BS standards or customized configurations.
  • Cable constructions to meet BS 6387 C, S, W and Z
  • Various metric and AWG size conductors
  • Special color coding of insulation and jacket materials

The specifications listed above are subject to change without notice. In any change, the product's performance will remain the same, or be improved.

Electrical PropertiesUnitsConductor Size
20 AWG / 0.5 mm²18 AWG / 0.8 mm²16 AWG / 1.3 mm²1.5 mm²
Resistance [R]Ω/MftΩ/km11.
Mutual Capacitance
Type 1S50pF/ftpF/m1654185819632065
L/R RatioμH/Ω10142125
Inductance [L]μH/ftμH/m0.220.720.20.670.190.620.190.61

Part NumberPairsNominal O.D.WeightJacket Thickness
Conductor Size: 20 AWG / 0.5 mm²
Conductor Size: 18 AWG / 0.8 mm²
Conductor Size: 16 AWG / 1.3 mm²
Conductor Size: 1.5 mm²